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Location: Sidestrand, NORFOLK

"My mother-in-law, Richenda Digby, saw Shuck.  She found him quite a peaceful mongrel about the size of a Labrador or rather bigger.  There was nothing in the least alarming about him.  She met him in a lane near Sidestrand, on the Norfolk coast.  He came trotting towards her, and just as he had passed her she looked round and he had vanished.  I gather she was neither surprised nor alarmed".

Source: Diana Digby: letter in 'Country Life' Vol. 130, No. 3378 (30/11/1961).
Place Name: OE: 'broad shore'.
Other: See also Overstrand to Sheringham, Hunstanton to Gt. Yarmouth, Hunstanton to Cromer, Bacton to Beeston Regis.

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