SHUCKLAND       Introduction        Alphabetical List of Locations
Location: from Bacton to Beeston Regis, NORFOLK
Legend: "They said he [Old Shuck] was a big black shaggy dog, with glaring eyes. It was said he came from a shipwreck, and some men were buried at Bacton Abbey [TG348331], and [some at] Beeston Abbey [TG168428], and that he travelled backwards and forwards along the coast road." (1)

"Old Shock or Shuck, a spectre dog much connected with the Danes, walks the Cromer coast road [which is the B1159 near Bacton]..." (2)
Sources: (1) Letter from Miss G. M. Keeler to Ivan Bunn, 21/4/1976.
(2) J. G. Nall: 'Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft' (Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1866), p.612.
Comments: Bacton Abbey: Bromholm Priory, Cluniac, founded 1113.
Beeston Abbey: Beeston Priory, Augustinian, founded c.1216.
Place Names: Bacton - OE 'Bacca's homestead/village'
Beeston - OE 'homestead/village where reeds or rushes grew'
Other: A very similar origin legend is known all along the Norfolk coast, with different terminal points to Shuck's run. See also from Hunstanton to Cromer, from Hunstanton to Gt. Yarmouth, from Overstrand to Sheringham.

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