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Location: Snailwell, CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Legend: "From Burwell you have to go by road to Snailwell, where you can take the path south-east past the new road building and by a belt of trees to the A11. These trees, according to an article by John Harris in the 1969 Autumn issue of 'Drive', are haunted by one of the ghostly black dogs which are a particular psychic phenomenon of East Anglia..."
Source: Shirley Toulson: 'East Anglia: Walking the Ley Lines & Ancient Tracks' (Wildwood House, 1979), p. 125-6.
Comments: The belt of trees runs approx. north/south from the railway line [TL659657] to the A1304 [TL658651], a distance of about 700 yards.
Place Name: Snailwell - OE 'stream frequented by snails'

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