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Hidden East Anglia:

Landscape Legends of Eastern England


Old stones:





Beeston Regis ~ Farmer Reynolds' stone Aldringham ~ The shepherd's stone
Cockley Cley ~ The turning milestone Barrow ~ The highwayman's stone
Flegg Hundred ~ The dole stone Blaxhall ~ The Blaxhall Stone
Geldeston ~ The Geld Stone Bungay ~ The Druid's Stone
Gorleston ~ The Gull Stones Chediston ~ Cedd's Stone
Hardley ~ The haunted cross-stone Debenham ~ The Groaning Stone
Harleston ~ Herolf's Stone Fornham St. Martin ~ The Hiring Stone
Itteringham ~ Druid's Stones Harleston ~ The immovable stone
Lyng ~ The Great Stone of Lyng Hartest ~ The Hartest Stone
Merton ~ The Merton Stone Letheringham ~ The stone on Dragarse Hill
Oxborough ~ The running stone Lowestoft ~ The Witches' Stones
Sheringham ~

The cock-crow stones

The haunted heap of stones

Mendlesham ~ The Preaching Stone

Middleton ~

The Devil's stone

Southery ~

The Magic Stone of Southery


Oulton ~

George Edwards' stone

South Lopham ~ The Ox-Foot Stone   'Stonhams' area ~ The stone by the gate
Stockton ~ Stockton Stone   Wattisham ~ Wattisham Stone
Winterton ~ The Stone   Wenhaston ~ The Devil's Stone
      Whepstead ~ The Baal Stone
      Woolverstone ~ Wulf's Stone
Beauchamp Roding ~ The stone that went up the hill
      Dedham ~ The sarsen gravestone
      Gestingthorpe ~ The turning stone
      Great Dunmow ~ The Jumping Stone
      Little Waltham ~ The witch's stone of Scrapfaggots Green
      Magdalen Laver ~ The growing stone
      Newport ~ The Leper Stone
      Saffron Walden ~ The Hangman's Stone
      South Weald ~ The breeding stone
      Thundersley ~ The Devil's Stone


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