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Location: Westleton, SUFFOLK
Encounter: Possibly in the early 1920s, a Westleton woman was walking home along Darsham Road when she saw a black figure like a huge dog on the Red Stile (which gave access to an old path across the fields.) After she had gone past it, "something like the noise of a clanking chain" went past her. The Red Stile was almost certainly located at TM432698.

Ruth Anderson & Grace Hadow: 'Scraps of English Folklore' IX, in 'Folklore' Vol.35, Issue 4 (1924), p.354.

Place Name: Westleton - Old Norse: 'Vestliƌi's homestead'.
Other: The witness said that "Many people have been thrown aback there terribly", which suggests earlier encounters with something at the Red Stile. However, the spot was also said to be haunted by a 'pale' spectre, which caused one man to go numb when he tried to touch it. (See Westleton in Hidden East Anglia.)

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