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Location: West Runton, NORFOLK
Encounter: In December 1972 the witness, then aged 52, was fishing on the beach near the foot of the West Runton slipway at about 2-3am, when he became aware of movement about 100 yards away, near the cliff on the Cromer side of the slipway. In the full moonlight, he saw coming towards him a very big black dog, about the size of a Great Dane or Mastiff, with a head that was huge and very broad relative to the body, and as it got closer, he saw a very short muzzle, and ears that were quite small and bent-over.

At first he thought it a dog from the village, so he whistled and called to it. The dog ignored him though, keeping its head lowered as if following a scent. When it reached the slipway, it turned and went back along the foot of the cliff. The witness watched it for a full 15 minutes, and even though the dog got to within 15 feet of him, it made no sound even on shingle, and cast no shadow. Finally the witness (who knew the legend of 'Shuck' in the area), got cold, went home, and told his wife about the encounter.

Source: Letter from Mr. J. R. Martins (witness) to Ivan Bunn, 20/4/1976.
Place Name: Runton - OE ' Runi's or Runa's homestead/village'

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