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Location: Westhorpe, SUFFOLK
Encounter: During her examination under suspicion of witchcraft in 1645, Susanna Dexe underwent two days of 'watching' - i.e. she was confined and refused sleep, all the time being under close observation. After this, she confessed that she had thrice met with "'a little white doge'" at the same place, "'twice at noon and once at twilight'", and was afraid of it, obviously believing it to be the Devil.
Source: C. L'Estrange Ewan: 'Witch Hunting & Witch Trials' (facsimile edition Muller 1971, originally published 1929), p. 307. [Account comes from Depositions at examinations of Suffolk Wizards and Witches in August 1645, in British Museum Add. Ms. 27402, folios 104-121.]
Place Name: Westhorpe - OE 'west farm/hamlet'
Other: See similar witchcraft-related account under Halesworth.

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