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Location: Between Wells and Sheringham, NORFOLK
Legend: " old salt asked me if I had ever heard of the 'Shuck Dog'. It appeared that a spectre of this name was supposed to haunt the marshes between Wells and Sheringham, and to tear the throats of wayfarers by night in that lonely district..everybody assured me that belief in the apparition was universal, and that it inspired genuine terror." (1)

"All the way from Weybourne Hoop, the story was the same. A great black hound, much bigger than any animal of its kind, haunted the salt-lands and pursued any wayfarer luckless enough to be benighted therein. Leaping upon his quarry from behind, the 'Vampire' - for such indeed it appeared to be - would maul the victim's throat and then vanish in smoke." (2)

"The 'Shuck Dog' confined his operations to the beds of lavender [at Stiffkey] and never attacked wayfarers on the highway." (3)
Sources: (1) Christopher Marlowe: 'People and Places in Marshland' (Palmer, 1927), p. 190.
(2) Ibid, p.198-9.
(3) Ibid, p. 200.
Place Name: Wells - OE 'the springs'
Other: See also Stiffkey.

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