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Location: Stiffkey, NORFOLK
Encounter: The author Christopher Marlowe was lodging in a cottage beyond the marshes, along a lane about 800 yards from the A149. Having heard the local legends about the Shuck Dog, he resolved to spend the night in the nearby marsh to try to see it.

He settled down in a hollow beside a pool not far from the high tide mark, and some time later, by the light of a half moon, saw an "indefinable shadow" appear on the horizon. At the same time there came "the most appalling howl." As the shape came closer to his hiding place, he saw it clearly to be a dog with "a great black body" and "a pair of ferocious eyes", with its muzzle to the ground as if hunting for something.

As he thought the prey to be himself, Marlowe yelled in terror and fled towards the cottage which was his lodging for the night, with the feeling that he was being pursued all the way. As he banged and yelled for the door to be opened, he turned to see the "ferocious eyes" right behind him, and felt a "scorching breath" on the back of his neck.

Just in time the door opened and he fell in a near faint into the house, while his host slammed the door shut just as the dog's "great black body" seemed to leap at them, and hit the ground with a resounding thud.

Source: Christopher Marlowe: 'People and Places in Marshland' (Palmer, 1927), p.198, 200-203.
Place Name: Stiffkey - OE 'stump island'
Other: See below, and Between Wells & Sheringham.

Location: Near Stiffkey
Encounter: "...the old sailor who had first spoken...[said that] his grandfather apparently had met the ghost near Stiffkey and had been found in the morning with his throat torn and with such an expression of horror on his face as had thrilled the bravest man among them."
Source: As above, p. 190-1.

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