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Location: Roudham, NORFOLK
Encounter: "In the Spring of 1962 I was on leave from my unit in Aden. About 00:30 hours on a Monday I was returning from a visit to London driving along the then A11 across Roudham Heath near Thetford. As I got near the point where the Peddar's Way crossed the A11 I saw a huge Newfoundland dog coming from the left along the Path. [Map Ref. TL934871] 

I felt unable to do anything to avoid the dog. However there was no crash, instead the dog reappeared on my right continuing his journey. At this time I had never heard of 'Old Shuck'. But I knew the dog was not of this world. When I got home my mother got up to let me in and said that my hair was on end and my face as white as snow. When I told her what had happened, she said that I had seen 'Old Shuck'. 

Of two things I am certain, the dog was benign and not of the Devil. Also he had two eyes not one in the middle of his head. Since that time I have seen much of the other world and have been able to foresee family deaths and the illness of friends."
Source: Letter from witness Mr. A. G. Kent to me, 22/10/83.
Place Name: Roudham - (Poss.) OE 'homestead where rue was grown'
Other: The encounter took place at a crossroads where the Roman route known as Peddar's Way crosses the A11, where once stood the Roudham Cross, known as the Guiltcross or Gydecross, and which had gone by the 1730's.

See also Gt. Massingham, Castle Acre, Peddar's Way.

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