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Location: Peddar's Way, NORFOLK
Legend: Black Shuck is said to travel along Peddar's Way at night. (1)

"...'Old Shuck' is the dog of a long drowned smuggler sailing in and out of North Norfolk. After the smuggler was drowned the dog (a male Newfoundland) searched for him from the beach [at Holme] to the far end of the old smugglers' route, the Peddar's Way." (2)
Sources: (1) James Wentworth Day: 'The Ghost Hunter's Game Book' (Muller, 1958)
(2) Letter from Mr. A. G. Kent to me, 22/10/1983.
Place Name: Peddar's Way - Often said to be a corruption of 'Pedlar's Way', it seems to derive from the Latin pedester: 'on foot.'
Other: See also Roudham, Great Massingham, Castle Acre.

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