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Location: Parson Drove, CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Encounter: "In the Winter of 1988, a mother and her son were walking in the fens toward Parson Drove. A light in the bushes made them stop in
their tracks. On closer investigation, the light resolved itself into one huge glowing eye. The pair stood and watched as the 'thing', as large as a calf, silently crossed their path and vanished." (1)

"...a young woman who claims to have met it [Shuck] in the 1980s. She said the incident occurred when she and her young son were out alone at night. They were walking along the lonely Throckenholt Bank, at Parson Drove near Wisbech, just over the Norfolk border. The creature looked at them for a long time, staring with its one yellow eye, from behind a bush. When it finally raced off across the fields, she could see it was the size of a small calf. In her opinion there was no other explanation. It had to be Black Shuck!" (2) (3)


(1), relating info from a now-defunct web site.

(2) Polly Howat: 'Norfolk Ghosts & Legends' (Countryside Books, 1993), p. 40.

(3) Polly Howat: 'Tales of Old Cambridgeshire' (Countryside Books, 1990), p. 125.

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