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Location: Mundesley, NORFOLK
Legend: "...the black headless dog of Mundesley, which scares travellers by night on the lonely coast-side."
Source: M. E. Walcott: 'A Guide to the Coasts of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk' (Edward Stanford, 1860), p. 95.
Place Name: Mundesley - OE 'Mundel's glade/meadow'
Other: See also encounters below.

Location: Mundesley
Encounter: "I bought a holiday house in Mundesley 28 years ago. The butcher was a Mr. Miller, a man then about 52. He told me 'that his uncle had seen the Black Dog of Norfolk and lived.' He was quite serious! He said that his uncle had described it as 'as big as a calf'."
Source: Letter from Mrs. J. Campbell to me, 16/9/1983.

Location: Mundesley
Encounter: In 2008, a mother and her child were just getting out of her car outside their house, when a huge black shaggy dog, "at least the size of a cow", appeared. It came from a trackway, went along the road, then leapt over a wall and away. Terrified, the woman locked the car doors and stayed inside until the dog had gone.
Source: Former webpage:

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