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Location: Neatishead, NORFOLK
Legend: "...Neatishead Lane was one of Old Shock's favourite promenades..." (1)

" a lane near Barton Broad...'Old Shuck' - a demon dog as large as a fair-sized calf - who pads quietly under the hedge and means death within a year if you spot him." (2)

"Shuck...has been seen at Barton Common, along the edge of the Broad..." (3)
Sources: (1) James Hooper: 'Demon Dogs of Norfolk & Suffolk', in the 'Eastern Daily Press', 2/7/1894.
(2) C. A. Hannaford: 'The Charm of the Norfolk Broads' (private, no date), p. 5.
(3) John Harries: 'The Ghost Hunter's Road Book' (Muller, revised edition 1974), p. 67.
Place Name: Neatishead - OE 'Snaet's household'
Other: See also encounter below.

Location: Neatishead
Encounter: "...a person named Finch of Neatishead was walking the road after dark and saw a dog, which he thought was Dick Allard's, which had snapped and snarled at him several times. Thinks he, 'You have upset me two or three times, I will upset you now. You will not turn out of the road for me, and I will not turn out of the road for you.'

Along came the dog, straight in the middle of the road, and Finch kicked at him, and his foot went through him as through a sheet of paper; he could compare it to nothing else. He was quite astounded, and nearly fell backwards from the force of the kick."

Sources: Rev. John Gunn: 'Proverbs', in 'Norfolk Archaeology', Vol. 2 (1849), p. 300.

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