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Location: Near Langham, NORFOLK
Encounter: "I have seen Old Shuck as he was known between Langham and Blakeney at a small wood known as Sparrow Hill [c.TG01754271]. My friend and I [then both boys] were cycling home one night [on the B1156 road] about 9 o'clock when it was dark. We could hear a dog running between us. We went slow then quick but he was still with us, just a grey shape, so we stopped and got off our bikes.

My friend held the bikes while I went behind and bent down and put my hands near the ground but there was nothing there. We got on our bikes and rode on. He was still with us till we got to the next cross-roads [TG01294166.] That's where he left us. This happened 56 years ago."

Source: Letter from Mr. W. H. Brown (witness) to me, 28/9/1983.
Place Name: Langham - OE 'long homestead'
Other: The Langham/Morston parish boundary is on the road at the wood.

See also tales at Blakeney.

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