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Location: Leiston, SUFFOLK
Encounter: Leiston.jpg (15089 bytes)"The late Lady Walsingham often told me that she and Lady Rendlesham waited up in Leiston churchyard [TM43866250] one night to see the 'Galley-trot'. They saw it. A huge black dog with glowing eyes suddenly loped up the road, noiselessly, leapt the churchyard wall and vanished among the gravestones." (1)

"One night at Leiston in Suffolk, on the coast, where the Dog is known as 'The Galleytrot', she and the then Lady Rendlesham sat up in the churchyard to watch. At twelve precisely a slinking, sable shadow slipped among the gravestones like a wraith, leaped the low churchyard wall and slid down the dark lane towards the sand hills like an evil whisper." (2)
Sources: (1) James Wentworth Day: 'Black Shuck', in the 'East Anglian Magazine', Vol. 21, No. 11 (1962), p. 642.
(2) James Wentworth Day: 'Here are Ghosts & Witches' (Batsford, 1954), p. 26.
Comments: Because the witnesses waited up specifically to see the dog, it assumes a pre-existing tradition, but I've been unable to locate any other references.

One should also note that, although both extracts are by the same author, Day completely contradicts himself as to where the dog appeared and disappeared.

Place Name: Leiston - (Poss.) OE lieg/leg-tun: '(beacon-) fire-homestead/village'

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