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Location: Earsham, NORFOLK
Encounter: "Recounting an incident closer to Bungay, Mrs. A. M. Wilson of Beccles, writes: 'This incident happened some 60 years ago to my late father, and I heard the story from him more than once...The incident took place at night shortly before Xmas, and very near to midnight...Father had arrived in Bungay [from Norwich] shortly before 12pm after finishing work in a Norwich bakery late. This left him to walk the last mile to the village...there was thick snow on the ground, and a bright clear moonlit sky.

As he approached the last of the first row of cottages known as Temple Bar [at c.TM326893], he said he became aware of a horrible cold tingling sensation all over, and the feeling that his hair was standing 'on end'. At this point, he saw a large dog, probably black, come walking through the fence of the big private house known as 'The Elms' on his right, cross the road in front of him, a few feet away, and disappear through the WALL of the Rectory opposite...he found there was no sign whatsoever of any footprints, or other marks on the fresh snow. At this point he panicked and ran fast as he could to my Granny's house in the main street...At that time my father had no knowledge whatsoever of local ghosts, Bungay Black Dogs etc..'"
Source: Christopher Reeve: 'A Straunge and Terrible Wunder' (Morrow, 1988), p. 69-70.
Place Name: Earsham - (Prob.) OE 'the earl's homestead', or (Poss.) OE 'Eanhere's homestead'

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