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Location: East Flegg area, NORFOLK
Legend: "Even more terrifying than Old Shuck was yet another spectre of a canine type which seemed to have a special liking for churchyards in the East Flegg area. Its blazing eyes were the size of saucers, and people averred that the ground over which it passed was later found to be scarred, as though a fire had been lit there."
Source: 'Phantoms of the Night', in the 'Norwich Mercury', 28/1/1944.
Place Name: Flegg - (Prob.) Scand 'flags, water-plants'
Comments: East Flegg is actually a 'Hundred', an old land division that includes villages such as Caister, Filby, Mautby, Scratby and Ormesby. According to Sandred's 'The Place-Names of Norfolk' Part 2, 1996, there's an early 19th century estate plan for Runham (now in Mautby parish), showing a field called 'Shukfer Marsh'. He derives the name from scucca (Shuck) 'demon' and faer 'road, passage'.


Location: Flegg, NORFOLK
Encounter: On an unknown date between the 1950s and the 1970s, two men were crossing the marshes somewhere within Flegg, when "a great white dog, like a greyhound" started running alongside them. Only one of the men could see the dog, and he then swore and said that it came right up beside him and licked his hand. This man died within a year.
Source: Jennifer Westwood: 'Friend or Foe? Norfolk Traditions of Shuck', in H. E. Davidson & A. Chaudri: 'Supernatural Enemies' (Carolina Academic Press, 2001), p.107, quoting from an undated newspaper cutting in her possession.

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