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Location: Dunwich, SUFFOLK
Legend: "...the black dog of Dunwich, a phantom which one should not, legend holds, turn away from if met at night. To do so invites disaster." (1)

"The headland north of Dunwich is another haunt of the Galley Trot, Black Shuck or Phantom Hound." (2)
Sources: (1) A. J. Forrest: 'Encounters with Phantom Dogs', in the 'East Anglian Daily Times', 15/3/1965.
(2) A. D. Hippisley-Coxe: 'Haunted Britain' (Pan, 1975), p. 106.
Place Name: Dunwich - Brit. 'port with deep water' + OE wic (town/port)
Comments: See also under Dubious Cases.

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