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Location: Between Downham Market and Bexwell, NORFOLK
Encounter: The Bexwell parish clerk encountered, in around 1870,  a black dog on the A1122 road, where it vanished through a hedge "with a great rattling of chains and a strong smell of sulphur." The Rector of Bexwell claimed that this was actually his own 'great' black dog who had broken his chain, but wondered where the 'smell of sulphur' came from.
Sources: Rector E. J. H. of Bexwell, in 'Eastern Counties Collectanea', Vol. 1, No. 1 (1872-3), p. 36.
Place Names: Downham - OE 'homestead on a hill'
Bexwell - OE 'Beac's stream'
Other: The Downham Market/Bexwell parish boundary crosses the A1122 about halfway between the two.

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