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Location: Debach, SUFFOLK
Encounter: Two schoolgirls were out carol singing along with others just before Christmas 1921, when one of the girls got soaked by stepping in a deep puddle. As she and her friend walked home to get dry, along the way they saw a huge brown dog, the size of a small donkey, standing "in a gateway recessed in a hedge." They saw that it had blazing eyes, and a luminous glow all round it. Just then the candle in their lantern blew out and terrified, they fled home and told the girl's mother what they had seen. She went out to look for it, but it had disappeared.
Source: From a letter to Ivan Bunn, 1976.
Place Name: Debach - OE 'deep valley', or poss. OE 'valley of (the river) Deope'

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