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Location: Dedham, ESSEX
Encounter: Frank and Jean Roberts, a middle-aged married couple who had lived in the area all their lives and knew it well, were travelling one night in their car on the A12 dual carriageway, when they saw a black dog on the corner of the River Stour bridge [TM043335.] "The shape was not that of a pony, and the size was too big for a dog", being "roughly five feet high." A single red eye shone in its head, "too high for a road lamp and too low for a reflector."

"There was something strange which made her feel cold even in a very warm (overheating) car", and looking back, they felt frightened about the sighting. They looked the next day, but there was nothing at the spot.

Source: Letters from Frank Roberts (witness) to R. A. Walton, Oct/Nov. 1977, and from Mr. Walton to me, 13/8/1983 & 21/9/1983.
Place Name: Dedham - OE 'Dydda's homestead'

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