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Location: Between Cromer and Overstrand, NORFOLK
Encounter: "I am 82 years of age, and my father told me this story. He lived in Overstrand and was courting my mother, who lived in Cromer. He had been to see her one night and was on his way home [along the B1159], about 12 o'clock. When he looked down at his side, there walking beside him was a large black shaggy dog. Not wanting it to follow him home he struck at it with his walking stick, which to his amazement passed clean through the animal's body. He told me, 'I took to my heels and ran like hell.' My father was not a drinking man or given to telling tall stories."
Sources: Letter from Mrs. Elsie Harris (witness' daughter) in the 'Eastern Daily Press', 16/11/1971.
Comments: This probably occurred in the 1880s.
Other: The Cromer/Overstrand parish boundary crosses the road about halfway between the two.

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