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Location: Buxton-with-Lamas, NORFOLK
Encounter: The witness, then a young woman, was out walking with a female friend. They parted near Buxton church and she started to walk home to Lamas, but after only a few steps, and just as the church clock struck 4pm, a large black dog appeared at her side [at c.TG23422270.]

It didn't frighten her, and she put down her hand to pat it, saying "Hello, old fellow, where are you going?" But before she could finish the words, the dog vanished into thin air. Four days later she received a letter from her sister saying that their brother had passed away in Liverpool - at exactly the day and time that she had seen the dog.

In the 1920s the witness, then a child, was among pupils who were told by their schoolmaster at Buxton about 'Black Shuck'. He added "I have been told he has been seen in Buxton."

Source: Letter from Mrs. Helen M. Reynolds to Ivan Bunn, 23/3/1976.
Comments: Apart from what the witness was told as a child, I can't find any other evidence that there was a pre-existing tradition of Shuck at Buxton.
Place Names: Buxton - OE 'Bucc's homestead/village'
Lamas - OE 'loam-marsh', or OE 'marsh where lambs were kept'

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