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Location: Caister-on-Sea, NORFOLK
Legend: "As a small child I was told that Black Shuck ran along the cliffs at Caister on stormy nights."
Source: Letter from Miss Margaret Aldred FRSA to me, 12/11/1983.
Place Name: Caister - OE 'Roman camp or fort'
Other: See second legend below.

Location: from Caister to Gt. Yarmouth
Legend: "[Old Shuck]...was a large black dog which belonged to an old man in Caister...The old man used to take the dog regularly into Yarmouth with him as he walked down into town. The old man died and was buried and the poor frustrated dog continued the trek into town without his master. When the dog passed away, his spirit made the same trek up to this day."
Source: Letter from Nigel Shelton to me, 14/9/1983.
Comments: This would have been from what was originally the village of East Caister, along Yarmouth Road, onto what is now the A149 road into Yarmouth. The Caister/Gt. Yarmouth parish boundary crosses the road about halfway between the two.

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