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Location: Aslacton, NORFOLK
Encounter: One harvest-time afternoon in the early 20th century, Mr. C. Skillings, then 12 years old, was staying with his grandparents at Manor Farm (TM154908). As he approached the top field with an empty wagon, the horse shied, and he saw "an extremely large and rough-looking black dog", running fast towards the end of the meadow. It appeared to him "frightening and unreal", with a large head and open, foaming jaws. The dog passed through a closed gate and vanished, terrifying the witness. When he described the experience to his grandfather, he was told that it had been "the Old Black Dog of Bungay", that there would be a death in the family, and that he would be unlucky for the rest of his life. He took it be be a true omen, since his other grandparents died soon afterwards, and he was indeed unlucky at various times. He never went through that particular field alone again.
Source: Recounted in 'Norfolk Fair' (1974), quoted in Frank Meeres: 'Paranormal Norfolk' (Kindle edition, 2013).
Place Name: Aslacton - OE: 'Aslac's homestead/village'.

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