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Location: Attlebridge/Lenwade/Lyng area, NORFOLK
Legend: "'Owd Rugman' is another spectral dog, who haunted the neighbourhood of Lenwade and Lyng." (1)

"Something of the same kind [of phantom hound] was 'Owd Rugusan', a little-known fiend having a limited habitat in a few inland Norfolk villages." (2)

Sightings of the "spectral hound" Owd Rugman were said to have reached a peak in the Attlebridge area in the 1890s. (3)
Sources: (1) James Hooper: 'Demon Dogs of Norfolk & Suffolk', in the 'Eastern Daily Press', 2/7/1894.
(2) W. A. Dutt: 'The Norfolk Broads' (Methuen, 1903), p. 332.
(3) 'Eastern Daily Press', 17/3/1903.
Comments: The dog being called 'Rugusan' is probably a misreading by Dutt of the name 'Rugman.' It seems probable that that the 'rug' part of the name comes from the Old English and dialect word meaning 'shaggy, rough'. In other words, the same as 'shucky', and probably the same meaning as the names of the dogs known as Skeff and Old Scarfe.
Place Names: Attlebridge - OE 'Aetla's bridge'
Lenwade - OE (possibly) 'lane-ford'
Lyng - OE 'hill'

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