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Location: Aldeburgh, SUFFOLK
Legend: "At the north end of the town of A--- [almost certainly Aldeburgh] lie the salt marshes, which are sometimes full, like a lake...Here a favourite walk of the inhabitants leads across a sort of common, planted with a fir grove; by one or other of two paths, one of which goes through the pine wood and emerges near the station; the other leaves the pine wood on the left, and skirts the mere, crossing the line, and leading into a sandy lane between more pine trees. At the sea end of this waste is a 'kissing gate'...and here it is quite likely that the presiding bogie will meet you, if you walk there after dark.

The bogie is a large black dog, with fiery eyes, and a fierce appearance. Do not, however, be afraid of him, if you keep in the path that leads across the 'line', for all will be well, he will walk 'to heel' as a good dog should, and will only make you feel rather nervous by his odd silent trot; but if you want to go the other way he will show you what he thinks by an awful growling, he will stand in your path and show his teeth, he will snarl till you are almost paralysed with fear - and then he will sit down and stare at you with his eyes aflame.

Give up your plan, or it will be the worse for you, though the dog never bites or barks, but sometimes drags you by your clothes; untold horrors befall the man and woman who persists in thwarting him. You give up the walk under the pine tress - he ceases to growl! You step again towards the other path - his eyes no longer flame - you walk boldly on - he follows 'to heel', as before. You reach the gate at the level crossing - he sits down and watches you out of sight..."

Source: M. H. James: 'Bogie Tales of East Anglia' (Pawsey & Hayes, 1891), p. 32-3.
Place Name: Aldeburgh - OE 'old fort'
Other: See also under Unknown Location, Suffolk.

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