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Hidden East Anglia:

Landscape Legends of Eastern England



Latest updates added Dec. 22nd 2018:

Colkirk, Norfolk - dragon hoard
Denston, Suffolk - added Cromwell tale to existing entry
Gayton, Norfolk - cursed cross
Gt. Abington, Cambs - haunted well
Lakenheath, Suffolk - buried bells
Little Abington, Cambs - secret tunnel
Norwich, Norfolk - secret tunnel
West Winch - hollow hills
Added to Significant Stones: Witton
Added to the Stone Index: Witton
Added to Some More Odd Burials: Lowestoft
Added to Dead Men Tell No Tales: East Bergholt, Hindringham, Kirby Cane, North Elmham
In Other notable wells & springs, removed 'Pilgrim's Well' entry for Stow Bedon and replaced it with Harling, as my original source had incorrect info.
Burgh, Suffolk - added legend (moved from Woodbridge due to new location info)



Latest updates added Aug. 11th 2018:

Dereham, Norfolk - secret tunnel
Old Catton, Norfolk - secret tunnel
Wicklewood, Norfolk - coach from the pit
Added to the Stone Index: Homersfield
Added to Dead Men Tell No Tales: Hoe, Knapton
Added to Gospel Oaks & Other Notable Trees: Eversden
Changed all site references of East Dereham to Dereham (the town's current & proper name)
Removed 'Links & Reviews' from Shuckland, & added some links to Hidden East Anglia, including to a highly recommended book, 'This Hollow Land: Aspects of Norfolk Folklore', by Peter Tolhurst



Latest updates added Jan. 9th 2018:

Beeston Regis, Norfolk - bottomless beck
Flitcham with Appleton, Norfolk - Boudicca's battle
Tivetshall St. Mary, Norfolk ~ battlefield marker
Added to Significant Stones: Coltishall, South Creake
Added to the Stone Index: Coltishall, South Creake, Tivetshall St. Mary
Added to Some More Odd Burials: Swaffham
Added to Moot Mounds: Skeyton
Added to Gospel Oaks & Other Notable Trees: Matlaske
Added to Dead Men Tell No Tales: Bessingham, Upper Sheringham
Checked all external links, & repaired/deleted dead ones.



Latest updates added Oct. 28th 2017:

Added the Full Site Index by County



Latest updates added Aug. 26th 2017:

Bulmer, Essex - Red Hills
Little Clacton, Essex - secret tunnels
Stanford, Norfolk - battle pit
Added to Significant Stones: Bramford, Washbrook
Added to the Stone Index: Bramford, Ingham, Linton, Washbrook



Latest updates added Feb. 19th 2017:

Fornham St. Genevieve, Suffolk - Red Hannah
Little Abington, Cambs - Lagden's Grave
Tollesbury, Essex - Jordan's Green
Westley, Suffolk - White Lady at old church
West Wratting, Cambs - White Lady at Gate
Worstead, Norfolk - White Lady at church
Added to Significant Stones: Arrington, Caldecote
Added to the Stone Index: Arrington, Boxford (additional stones), Caldecote, Groton, Hardwick, Madingley, Sedgeford
The 'Lantern' Archive: Now that I have a bigger and better scanner, I've been able to add scans of 'Lantern' Nos. 3-7, which were too large for my old scanner to handle. I've also re-scanned issues 8-40, for greater clarity.
Removed Ampton (Suffolk) from the list of locations, & changed it to Great Livermere, as the encounter in 'Dubious Cases' turned out to refer to this location, & I now have a better source.
Also in 'Dubious Cases', I have entered a new story under Great Livermere.



Latest updates added Sept. 26th 2016:

Cambridge, Cambs - haunted tree
Ipswich, Suffolk - secret tunnels
Helmingham, Suffolk - secret tunnel
Lakenheath, Suffolk - secret tunnel
Felixstowe, Suffolk - secret tunnels
Broomfield, Essex - Devil's Head
Mildenhall, Suffolk - treasure
Added new folklore snippet to Marshland St James (The Giant's Grave)
Added new entry to Gospel Oaks & other notable trees: King John's Oak, Great Horkesley
Added new entry to Moot Mounds: Holt, Swafield
Additional info added to: Dragon's Foot Field, Broomfield
Additional info added to Significant Stones: Broomfield, Marks Tey, Fordham, Wortham
Additional info added to the Stone Index: Gayton, Grimston, Ingham, Ingoldisthorpe, Snettisham
Added to the Stone Index: Grimston, Snettisham
Winterton, Norfolk - added 2 encounters



Latest updates added May 23rd 2016:

Bradfield Combust, Suffolk - abbey silver, secret tunnel
Clavering, Essex - church effigy
Felsted, Essex - plague stone
Kirby-le-Soken, Essex - secret tunnel
Thetford, Norfolk - secret tunnel
Added to the Stone Index: Aldham, Cranwich, Sproughton, Thetford (several)
Additional info added to: Basket Wells, Lowestoft; secret tunnel, Brightlingsea
Soham, Cambs - added encounter



Latest updates added Feb. 6th 2016:

Barling, Essex - secret tunnel
Basildon, Essex - the red monk
Brightlingsea, Essex - secret tunnel
East Somerton - the witch tree
Added to Gospel Oaks & other notable trees: Epping Upland
Added to Other Notable Wells & Springs: Elmsett, Harwich, Ipswich
Added to Significant Stones: High Easter, Stanford Rivers, Wellingham
Added to the Stone Index: High Easter, Semer, Stanford Rivers, Swaffham, Wellingham
Heveningham, Suffolk - added encounter
Unknown location, north Norfolk - added encounter
Wix, Essex - added encounter
Checked all external links, & repaired/deleted dead ones.