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Hidden East Anglia:

Landscape Legends of Eastern England


Hidden treasure:



Attlebridge ~ Silver bells   Acton ~ Chest of gold & silver
Aylsham ~ Golden wheel   Bacton ~ Gold mine
Bacton ~ Golden gates   Bentley ~ Treasure
Beechamwell ~ Silver gates   Blythburgh ~ Church treasure & bells
Belton ~ Golden gates or plough   Bradfield Combust ~ Abbey silver
Bunwell ~ Vast treasure   Burgh ~ Golden calf
  Coin hoard   Bury St. Edmunds ~ Golden angel
Caistor St. Edmund ~ Golden gates   Butley ~ Silver coffin
Caston ~ Catholic treasure  

Weapons & treasures

Colkirk ~ Dragon hoard Clopton (near Woodbridge) ~ Hoard of gold
Coltishall ~ Golden Gates Pond Dallinghoo ~ Treasure
East Harling ~ Golden cradle   Gazeley ~ Silver bells
Feltwell ~ Treasure under the tree   Ickworth ~ Chest of gold or valuables
Flitcham-with-Appleton ~ The Golden Gates   Lakenheath ~ The buried bells
Fritton ~ Golden plough   Leiston ~ Abbey plate
Great Yarmouth ~

Crock of gold

  Middleton ~ Hoard of treasure
Vanishing treasure   Mildenhall ~ Chests of silver
Gresham ~ Golden calf   Treasure in the field
Harpley ~ Treasure in the mound Norton ~ Gold in the mound
Heacham ~ Golden gates   Otley ~ Danish arms
Hoe ~ Lily Pond well   Stoke Ash ~ Gold in the moat
Little Cressingham ~ Bell Hill   Sutton ~ Gold in the mounds
Lyng ~

Silver chalice

  Troston ~ All the guns & everything
Great Stone of Lyng   Wordwell ~ Traveller's Hill
Moulton St. Mary ~ Money chest      
North Creake ~ The abbey treasure  


Norwich ~ Gold & silver
Peddar's Way ~ Pot of gold   Ashingdon ~ Golden Cross
Pulham St. Mary ~ Golden Cradle Moat   Colchester ~ The golden king
Quidenham ~ Boudicca's jewels   Copford ~

Treasure in the tunnel

Treasure in the mound

Ranworth ~ Vast treasure
Santon ~ Silver bells   Great Chesterford ~ Silver in the tunnel
Sculthorpe ~ Golden cradle   Little Thurrock ~ Cymbeline's gold mines
Shouldham ~ Treasure chest   Pleshey ~ The treasure in the moat
Thetford ~ Bells of silver or gold      
Walpole St. Andrew ~ King John's treasure                      CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Welney ~ Gold Hill   Great Wilbraham ~ The golden coach
      Horseheath ~ Money Lane
      Stapleford ~ The golden chariot
      Stow cum Quy ~ The lady's treasure


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