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Location: Wissett, SUFFOLK

"About hWissett.jpg (16742 bytes)alfway along a narrow twisting lane called Mill Road is a part known locally as Sandy Hills, with a tiny bridge over a stream at the lowest point between the two hills [TM374784.] It is this area where the ghostly hound Black Shuck, sometimes called the Shaggy Dog, is supposed to roam on dark nights, bringing misfortune to all who see him."


Source: Patricia Willis: 'The Wraiths of Wissett', in the 'East Anglian Magazine' Vol. 41, No. 9 (July 1982), p. 392.
Place Name: Wissett - (Poss.) OE 'willow-fold'
Other: See encounter below.

Location: Wissett
Encounter: "One lady reported that he [the ghostly dog] ran out in front of her bicycle [in Mill Road] one evening and appeared to pass mysteriously through her front wheel." (1)

This lady was apparently a Mrs. Block, who with her husband used to cycle Mill Road, where Shuck used to 'mysteriously' appear and run alongside them. This seems to have happened more than once, between the mill (where Mill House stands at TM374785), and Wissett Lodge. The Lodge is at TM362788, and in Lodge Lane, not Mill Road. (2)

Source: (1) As above.

(2) Diana Fernando & Helen Flaxman (ed.): 'A Walk Through Wissett' (Red Bird Publishing Ltd, 2001), p.11.

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