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Location: Upware, CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Encounter: "This was 40 odd years ago, in my home village...called Upware...I was walking along the road towards the Ferry [no longer extant, across the River Cam] early evening in bright moonlight and I heard a noise from behind me which sounded like a dog pelting along like crazy, dragging a chain. I immediately stepped to the right side of the road to let whatever it was pass and although I was looking for it, I did not see a thing...I felt just a momentary pang of fear...I passed it off thinking that someone's dog had broken its chain and got away and somehow I missed seeing it. I didn't think a great deal about it until someone was relating stories of this nature one day...Hedges were growing both sides of the road over the grass verge."
Source: Letter from Mrs. O. L. Pattern (witness) to me, 17/11/1983.
Other: See also Wicken.

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