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Location: Thorndon, ESSEX
Encounter: Mr. Jack Disney, then aged about 52, was walking from West Horndon to Brentwood in August 1967, on a footpath through Thorndon Park. As he approached a pool known as the 'Horse Pond', at nearly midnight, he saw a large brown dog coming towards him, and going south. He described it as about the size of a Great Dane, with "eyes of fire", and felt it to be 'threatening'. It passed him by as he drew level with the pond [TQ61569073.]

A week or so later his elder brother died of a heart attack, and in August the following year his wife died in her early 40s of a brain haemorrhage. He only heard of 'Black Shuck' years later.

Source: Letter from Mr. Frank Dineen to Ivan Bunn, 31/1/1978.
Place Name: Thorndon - OE 'hill where thorns grew'

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