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Location: Terrington St. Clement, NORFOLK
Encounter: "...regarding the ghost dog, Shuck, I wrote to a 90+ aunt as I had heard her talk of the dog and its appearance at Terrington St. Clement in the pre-First World War days. My grandmother was apparently walking home near Beacon Hill Farm House [c.TF547214], when she noticed a black dog walking by her side. She bent down to pat it and her hand went through it."
Source: Letter from Mrs. S. A. Saunders (grand-daughter of witness) to me, 2/11/1983.
Place Name: Terrington - OE 'homestead/village of Tir(a)'s people'
Other: The road is on the course of the former 'Sea Bank.'

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Location: Terrington St. Clement
Encounter: "On another occasion when my aunt [now 90+] and some others were walking between Beacon Hill Farm House and Beacon House one of the party saw a dog jump a ditch into a field. It was twilight, but none of the others saw the dog."
Source: As above.

Location: Terrington St. Clement
Encounter: "In another instance a cousin of my aunt [now 90+] was walking in the same area [between Beacon Hill Farm House & Beacon House] with his girlfriend who was pushing a bicycle, when she suddenly made the cycle swerve. He asked her why she had done so, and she replied 'Didn't you see that dog?'"
Source: As above.

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