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Location: Southrepps, NORFOLK

"I was returning home from Northrepps to Southrepps in the Autumn of 1938-39. I think my young lady (now my wife) and I had been to a whist drive. I remember it was very foggy this night (thick) and I was biking along this lonely stretch of road [A149] happily. When suddenly I heard this chain rattling near my back wheel [at c.TG23593695.] I remember I kicked and shouted and this object gave up the chase. This really frightened me and I was in a cold sweat. After that I generally waited for company.


There was a lot of local tradition about Old Shuck when I was a young man in the thirties...I encountered Shuck in a thick fog so I saw nothing and he just disappeared leaving me very frightened...The old boys of the village used to tell us about Old Shuck and his connection with smuggling along the coast, but they are gone now."

Sources: Letters from Mr. J. Daniels (witness) to me, September 1983.
Place Names: Repps - OE 'strips' (of land/wood)

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