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Location: Ranworth, NORFOLK
Legend: A large black dog is said to guard treasure buried by the monks of St. Benet's Abbey under or near the gateway [c.TG345154] to the Old Hall.
Source: 'Norfolk Folklore Notes' (unpublished), compiled by W. B. Gerish, 1890-93, p. 66.
Comments: Although not mentioning any dog, 'Norfolk Archaeology', Vol. 21 (1919-23), Proceedings 1922, p. lviii gives the following similar wording in regard to a treasure at the Hall: "Money is said to be buried near the old gateway, placed there by St. Benet's monks to escape Henry VIII's rapacious hands."
Place Name: Ranworth - (Poss.) OE 'border, margin - homestead', or (poss.) Oscand. 'Randi's homestead/enclosure'
Other: The Old Hall dated from the 16th century, but the only part that survives today is the gatehouse or porch, parts of which are of the 19th century.

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