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Location: Norwich, NORFOLK
Legend: "Black Skutch of Norwich. This is still remembered, but there is no appearance in living memory. That and the Black Dog of Bungay are not associated with towns but in lonely lanes on the outskirts of towns".
Source: 'Folklore' Vol. LIV (1943), p.391.
Place Name: Norwich - OE 'north dairy farm'

Location: Norwich, NORFOLK
Encounter: Robert Harman, then a young man, lived in a house in Tuckswood, the most southerly suburb of Norwich, between Eaton and Old Lakenham. At about midnight on Saturday in 1986, he was reading a book in his bedroom when he heard something like a scratching noise coming from outside. He went out into his backyard, but finding nothing, had turned to go back in when he heard the noise again, apparently coming from the rear of his garden shed.

Upon looking around the side of the shed, he saw a dog bigger than any he'd ever seen, and when it turned to look at him, he knew it was no normal dog. It had a dark coat, and big red eyes which looked at him in a 'sinister' way, and in that moment he thought he was face to face with a werewolf.

It moved away, stopping to look at him twice, which filled him with fear, then leapt over the 6 foot plus fence with no effort. Mr. Harman jumped onto the fence and looked over, seeing the dog just walk away down the road, which led into the countryside. He was terrified of the encounter, and hoped never to see such a creature again.

Source: Christopher Reeve: 'A Straunge & Terrible Wunder' (Morrow, 1988), p. 68-9.

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