SHUCKLAND       Introduction        Alphabetical List of Locations
Location: Marshland St. James, NORFOLK
Legend: "...Marshland...where stories of wild men on horses and old Black Shuck the ghost dog still persisted."
Source: Ben Ripper: 'Ribbons from the Pedlar's Pack' (Quaker Press, 1972), p. 54.
Other: See also encounter below.

Location: Marshland St. James
Encounter: "...the writer knows one real instance of Shuck, the black dog, being seen. The grandfather of this present chronicler was driving home one evening from holding an inquest in Marshland, and the road was bordered each side by a stagnant ditch. He noticed the mare trembling very much as though with fear, and ordered the groom to dismount from the gig and see what ailed her when, in pulling up for the purpose, a waft of cold dank air struck both men as in the light of the lamps a large black dog of supernatural size passed over the road from ditch to ditch in front of the trembling little mare, which could scarcely be pacified."
Source: M. Thelwall in 'Eastern Counties Magazine & Suffolk Note-Book', Vol. 1 (1900), p. 297.

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