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Location: Between Little and Great Snoring, NORFOLK
Encounter: "...a white canine apparition...Shortly before the Second World War, it was reported to have been seen on several occasions, slinking along the lonely road between the villages...According to the villagers, it had a terrifying habit of dashing across the road in front of cyclists and motorists, to disappear, howling, into the adjacent fields. It was about this time that a motor-cyclist declared that he had run through this ghost-dog - an experience which so unnerved him that he abandoned his vehicle by the roadside."
Source: A. A. MacGregor: 'The Ghost Book' (Robert Hale, 1955), p. 66.
Place Name: Snoring - OE 'Snear's people'
Other: The Little/Great Snoring parish boundary crosses the road between the two.

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