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Location: Hemsby, NORFOLK


At about midnight in the Summer of 1996, a couple and their teenaged daughter were walking home from the amusement arcades, down an unlit lane that led to a caravan park (there are at least three in the area.) In a nearby garden they allegedly saw a large dark dog with glowing red eyes, that was snarling "unlike any dog we had ever heard." They were all very frightened of it, but after a few yards the snarling stopped and the father looked back to find the dog had vanished. They knew nothing of any Shuck legends until after that day, but said the descriptions tallied with what they had seen, and that they had had "nothing but bad luck" since.
Source: Letter from Mr. G.E. Thompson (witness) in 'Fortean Times' No.138, September 2000, p.50.

Location: Hemsby/Caister area, NORFOLK
Encounter: The witness, then a young woman, was sitting alone on the lawn one afternoon at her mother's house when a "massive great black dog" that was "horrible to see" suddenly appeared at her side. Crying, she tried to push it away, but then it was gone. Her mother and aunt were indoors, and saw and heard nothing.

Some time later the witness, who was heavily pregnant, had to go to a nursing home at Hemsby, in urgent need of a doctor. A doctor then came straight from Caister beach, where a man had been blown up by a mine. The doctor was later overheard saying that she had nearly died in her pregnancy. She was afterwards told that the dog was 'Old Shuck', that he had come to warn her of death, and that the man being killed by the mine had thus saved her own life.

Source: Letter (now lost) from Mrs. Jean Carroll (witness) to me, 1983.
Place Name: Hemsby - 1st element perhaps an ODan., OSwed. or ON personal name + 2nd element OE 'homestead/village'

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