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Location: Hempnall, NORFOLK
Encounter: "Another alive and kicking believer in the Black Dog is Mrs. Sophia Wilson, a native of Hempnall, near Norwich. Mrs. Wilson writes to me: 'There is a stretch of road from Hempnall called 'Market Hole' [also called Field Lane] and when I first lived at Hempnall 61 years ago, my husband told me that there was something to be seen and had been seen by different residents. Well, my dear husband passed on and I never really thought anything more about the incident until one night my son who was then about 24 came in from Norwich looking white and scared.

I said 'Whatever is the matter? Are you ill?', and he said 'No. Coming down Market Hole I had a bad turn. I saw what appeared to be a big Dog about to cross in front of my bike and I thought I should be thrown off, but it just vanished. When I got off my bike and looked round, there was nothing to be seen, and I felt awful'."

Source: James Wentworth Day: 'Here are Ghosts & Witches' (Batsford, 1954), p. 28.
Place Name: Hempnall - OE 'Hemma's halh' (corner/nook)
Other: Hugmore Pond [TM239924] is at Market Hole's southern end.

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