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Location: Hatfield Peverel, ESSEX

 "Hatfield Peverel has a 'shaggy dog' story. Fifty years ago it was common knowledge that Shaen's Shaggy Dog walked between the two drive gates [c.TL777113 - c.TL781114, on the B1137 road] of Crix, owned from 1770 to 1858 by the family of Shaen. This was quite a friendly animal, but if annoyed its anger was terrible...Shaen's Dog has not been seen for many years. Miss T. M. Hope in 'The Township of Hatfield Peverel' says it is rumoured that he died of spontaneous combustion at his first sight of a motor car."                      



Source: Jessie Payne: 'A Ghost Hunter's Guide to Essex' (Ian Henry Publications, 1987), p. 120-1.
Place Names: Hatfield - OE 'open country where heather grew'
Peverel - Held by Ranulf Piperell in 1086.
Other: The road is on the course of a Roman road.

Location: Hatfield Peverel
Encounter: Many years ago, a man was out driving his horse and loaded wagon when he encountered the dog at the location above. He struck out at it, and he, the horse and the wagon were all burnt to ashes." (1)

"A man driving a timber wain with two horses struck at the dog with a whip, and the man, waggon, horses and load were reduced to ashes". (2)
Sources: (1) Patricia Dale-Green: 'Dog' (Hart-Davis, 1966), p. 56.3
(2) 'Word-Lore: The Folk Magazine' Vol. (1926), p.167.

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