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Location: Gresham, NORFOLK
Legend: "...Old Shuck, a [black] ghost dog which supposedly haunted in that particular area." [Around the crossroads TG180388 on the Gresham/Aylmerton boundary.]
Source: Letter from Mrs. Joan White to me, 15/9/1983.
Place Name: Gresham - OE Gaers-ham: 'grazing farm'
Other: In centre of the crossroads is the Gresham Cross, a wayside cross for pilgrims to Walsingham. A secret tunnel is said to pass under it. The Gresham/Aylmerton parish boundary passes through the crossroads.

Location: Near Gresham Cross
Encounter: Gresham.jpg (22103 bytes)"This particular evening [in 1937/38], the mist had come over off the sea quite heavy, but we decided to cycle over to Gresham [from West Runton] to visit my then future husband. We left Gresham to cycle home again around 8.30 to 9pm. As we approached the Old Stone Cross, there suddenly appeared out of the mist an enormous black dog, mouth open, tongue lolling, making no sound whatever. I could have put my hand out and touched it.

We were both really frightened and were convinced that we had seen Old Shuck...Believe you me, no two girls ever cycled from Gresham to Runton so quickly, before or since." (1)

"The dog passed us [at c.TG18063877] running on the road Lower Gresham side of the Old Stone Cross..It must have been June or July, and the time was, as far as I can remember, 9.30 to 10pm, just beginning to get dusk...Size of dog was at least twice the size of a large labrador. I do not remember about its eyes, as it appeared so suddenly and without any sound out of the mist. Running, it passed me on the right hand side." (2)

Source: (1) Letter from Mrs. Joan White (witness) to me, 15/9/1983.
(2) Further letter to me, 6/10/1983.

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