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Location: Great Livermere, SUFFOLK
Encounter: In December 1952, a man was driving "on the Breck Road leading towards Ampton" with two passengers, his sister the local author Beryl Dyson, and her husband. Suddenly a black dog appeared in his headlights, in the middle of the road in front of him, causing him to serve so violently that he almost overturned the car. He said that it had appeared and vanished "in a trice", and that there were no hedges or trees beside the road that could have hidden it either coming or going. Shortly afterwards, two members of his family passed away, and he has never forgotten the incident.
Source: Beryl Dyson: 'Gt. Livermere: A Parish with Ghosts' (orig. pub. 2001 by the author; republished by Melrose Books 2016), p.7.
Comments: The 'Breck Road' has to be that marked on maps as 'New Road', which runs west then south, skirting the northern side of Livermere Park.
Place Name: Livermere - origin of name uncertain, but village is situated by a lake.

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