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Location: Gorleston, NORFOLK
Encounter: A man was walking at night over a hundred years before [in the 18th century?] on the old turnpike road from Hopton and had just reached the boundary of Gorleston [c.TG52060180] when he saw coming towards him a black dog, laden with chains. The dog then turned round and walked with him, occasionally uttering "a deep low growl." After a while the man told it to go away, whereupon he was seized and thrown over a nearby hedge. He remained half-dazed until the morning, when he found himself in the marshes nearly half a mile further on from the place where he had encountered the dog.
Source: Percy de Lisle: 'Tales & Traditions of Old Yarmouth', in the 'Yarmouth Independent', 7/1/1893.
Comments: The encounter occurred at or near the Gorleston/Hopton parish boundary, which was also the old Norfolk/Suffolk county boundary.
Place Name: Gorleston - 1st element poss. related to OE 'girl', 2nd element OE 'homestead/village'
Other: See also tales of the dog 'Old Scarfe' at Great Yarmouth.

Location: Gorleston, NORFOLK
Encounter: Between 10.30 & 11pm one night in either 2005 or early 2006, a woman known as 'Mrs. A' saw a creature running at speed along Gorleston High Street. She described it as "like a dog but with longer legs", and said it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

Because of the brevity of that encounter, I'll combine it with the same woman's second sighting of the creature, which occurred at about the same time of night in early 2006. On this occasion she was driving along Suffield Road near the police station, and heading towards Lowestoft Road. She saw it for only a few seconds, running around 'frantically' near the bus stop, before it vanished into thin air. Her father was walking down Stradbroke Road towards the same destination, and although he should have been able to see it too, he saw nothing. She apparently drove around for a while, looking for the dog, but couldn't find anything.


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