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Location: Garveston, NORFOLK
Legend: "They du speak of a dog that walks regular. They call him Skeff and his eyes are as big as saucers and blaze wi' fire. He is fair as big as a small wee pony, and his coat is all skeffy-like, a shaggy coat across, like an old sheep. He has a lane, and a place out of which he come, and he vanish when he hev gone far enough."
Source: Enid Porter: 'Folklore of East Anglia' (Batsford, 1974), p. 89, quoting E. F. Cranworth in the 'Eastern Counties Magazine', 1, 3 (1901), p. 170-1.
Place Name: Garveston - (Poss.) OE 'Gaerwulf's homestead/village', or (poss.) ODanish 'Gerulv's homestead/village'
Other: See encounter below.

Location: In lane near Garveston church
Encounter: "Four or five years ago my husband was walking up a narrow lane [Chancel Lane, a footpath] past Garveston church, to his left was a large field with no hedges. He suddenly spotted a large dog about 20 yards in front and to the left of where he was walking [c.TG02370727.] It was a large dog, about the size of a labrador and dark in colour, but with a head similar to a boxer dog. Coming up the lane in the opposite direction was a woman walking her two dogs. My husband glanced at them a second, then turned to look at the other dog, but to his astonishment it had disappeared.

There was absolutely nowhere it could have gone in that second, just open field with no crop. It must have vanished as it was about level with the other dogs...The woman in the lane was a stranger to him, or he would have asked her if she saw what happened. It was in broad daylight." (1)

"The time of the year was Autumn. It seemed a 'natural' dog, with a very dark shaggy coat, but with an unusually round face for a large dog. It looked neither to right nor left, just trotting along occasionally lifting its head. It took no notice of the approaching dogs, or of anyone. It had at least 200 yards to go before reaching any sort of cover, but he only took his eyes off it for a few seconds, and it had disappeared." (2)

Source: (1) Letter from Mrs. Rose Casy (wife of witness) to me, 7/9/1983.
(2) Further letter, 29/9/1983.

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