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Location: Fornham St. Martin, SUFFOLK
Legend: "I, myself, collected a story from an elderly resident of Fornham St. Martin...concerning the ghost of a white dog said to appear at the bottom of Barton Hill, just off the A134 [c.TL854663.] This ghost was said to haunt the spot at midnight and was supposed to be connected with an accident that occurred there many years ago in which a woman was killed. (Presumably her spirit was supposed to have returned in the guise of an animal ghost, though my informant disagreed with this.)"
Source: Letter from Alan Murdie to me, 1/11/1978.
Place Name: Fornham - OE 'homestead where trout were caught' or OE 'homestead by the trout stream'
Other: See encounter below.

Location: Fornham St. Martin
Encounter: "There was...a man who claimed to have seen it [the Fornham white dog] about 50 years ago, whom my informant knew, the ghost apparently being seen to 'run across the [A134] road and into the meadow where it disappeared'."
Source: As above.

Location: Fornham St. Martin
Encounter: 'Black Shuck' was supposedly encountered during the late 1970's, with the witness's brother dying a few days afterward.

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