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Location: Fakenham area, NORFOLK
Encounter: A woman was cycling home at about 11.30pm from 'T. Hall' [ToftTrees Hall?] after serving at a dinner party there given by 'Lord and Lady B.' On the open road between 'C.' [Colkirk?] and what was known locally as 'Bluebell Wood', she became aware of "an enormous dog" with its tongue hanging out running along silently beside her for a short while before vanishing.

Exactly one month later, in the same place and at the same time, she saw the dog again, and it did exactly as before. She didn't feel like trying to touch the dog, even though she loved animals.

Several months later, the woman was standing at her own gate at about 11pm, waiting for her 16 year old daughter to cycle home after working at a Fakenham cinema. She saw the girl approach, but the same enormous dog was right in front of the bicycle. She was afraid that it would knock her daughter off, but as the girl got closer, the dog just vanished. The daughter saw and heard nothing.

Source: Celia Green & Charles McCrery: 'Apparitions' (Hamish Hamilton, 1975), p. 192.
Place Name: Fakenham - OE 'Facca's homestead'

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