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Location: Chediston, SUFFOLK
Encounter: "My husband [Cecil] and I lived at Chediston, then moved to Halesworth, but have now lived at Woodbridge for about ten years. But up to a few years ago his father lived at Linstead and it was on a visit to him that...We were coming from Linstead along the low road [B1123] from Chediston to Halesworth round about 10.30, just talking, then my husband just braked so sharp it's a wonder we didn't get thrown through the windscreen...

...I said 'Why ever did you do that for?' He said 'Didn't you see that big black dog go in front of us? It ran right out from the hedge and into the hedge the other side.' He saw it, but I didn't. But he says to this day it was so clear to him. We even looked but couldn't find anything. We wonder if it could be the same dog [as the 'Ghostly Dog'] and if only certain people see it."

Source: Letter from Mrs. Margaret Oxborough (wife of witness) to me, 8/9/1983.
Place Name: Chediston - OE 'Cedd's stone'
Other: The Halesworth/Chediston and Chediston/Cookley parish boundaries cross the road, the latter twice.

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