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Location: Castle Hedingham, ESSEX
Encounter: "He was courting my great-grandmother at the time and after he'd seen her home he was walking back from Halstead to Castle Hedingham when he noticed something walking beside him. He described it as a black dog (or dark anyway as it was night) as big as a calf. It walked beside him along Cemetery Road [actually Sheepcot Road], Castle Hedingham, until it got to the cemetery gates. It jumped over the gates and disappeared. All through this my great-grandfather remained completely calm until afterwards when he realised the dog made no sound whatever."
Source: Letter from Sarah J. Kerry (great-granddaughter of witness) to me, 18/8/1983.
Place Name: Hedingham - OE 'homestead of the people of Hyth(a)', or 'homestead of the people at the landing-place'

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